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    My Morning Routine

    I'm learning to love mornings, and this is how I start each day with a fresh face and a healthy meal.
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    Crest 3D White Coconut Oil
    Crest 3D White Coconut Oil
    Crest 3D White Coconut Oil

    Currently Obsessed

    Danubia Sandal
    Blush Minidress
    Acrylic Box Bag
    Bamboo Bag
    Maison Alma Bucket Bag
    Metallic Turban
    Shell Headband
    Wicker Circle Bag
    Neon Wedges
    Metal Trim Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    Wicker Clutch
    Elida Sandal

    Fall-ing for Liquid Lipstick

    One way I like to transition my look for autumn is with makeup – and that includes lipstick! Come October, I swap my peach and pinks hues for deeper mauve and burgundy tones.
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    February Favorites

    The second month of the year brought a lot more than Valentine's Day candy and roses. Sharing my current favorites, including: why I'm throwing away all of my bras, a skin brightening facial, and a luxe fragrance experience fit for the Royals.
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    My Entrepreneur Story

    Blogger versus boss: Getting real about being a business owner.

    The creative side of my business is the part that I love to share with you: the outfits, fashion shows, perfectly styled photos, exciting parties and glam sessions; but back in my office there are a lot of "business" things that happen behind closed doors that are not so fun: contracts, pitching, paying bills, accounting, and taxes. Unfortunately those not-so-fun activities aren't optional. In fact, they're integral to my business.
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    Oversized Pink Sweater & Vinyl Pants

    A pop of pink is always a good idea, especially with with a pair of edgy leggings.
    Coral Gables
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    Home for the Holidays, 2017

    After five years of classic gold and ivory decor, I opted for a vibrant pink & red color palette for Christmas this year!
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