Happy Birthday America!

Fourth of July always reminds me of my mother… well, because her name is America. (Really!) More importantly, it reminds of the struggles that she and my grandparents endured so that I could grow up in this great land of freedom & opportunity. Had I grown up in Cuba, this blog wouldn’t even be a figment of my imagination. So on this Independence Day I celebrate America, my country and my mother, and the freedom to wear what I want, when I want! We’re waiting for the fireworks to start on the beach now… hope you had the freedom to enjoy the day off, too!

{Forever 21 Flag Sweater (similar) – UO Vintage Levi’s Shorts – Sweetheart Sunnies

{Forever 21 Flag Sweater (similar) – Vintage Levi’s Shorts – Henri Bendel Henri Link Bracelet – OPI Polish ‘Simply Smashing’}

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