Denim Dreamin’ at Saks


When you’re barely five-foot-five and packing Cuban hips, shopping for jeans can turn retail therapy into a nightmare in about 2.5 seconds. Though I do most of my shopping online, buying denim typically requires a lengthy store visit that includes me wiggling in and out of at least a dozen pairs of jeans that are too long, too tight, or reduce my butt to a pancake. No bueno. That’s where Saks Bal Harbour Shop’s Denim Bar comes to the rescue! With thousands of jeans to choose from it’s nearly impossible not to find the perfect pair (or two…or three.) During my latest visit, Saks’ denim specialist Leslie took a quick glance at me and immediately knew what brands and styles would work best on my body – like a pair of uber soft Genetic Denim skinnies which felt like pajamas and accentuated my curves rather than suffocating them.  My fitting room was setup with a handful of jeans and coordinating tops, making the visit short and surprisingly sweet.


Experience the ultimate Denim Bar with me this Thursday alongside my fabulous girlfriends Maria of TheWordy Girl and Martha of Princess Martha Blog. We’ll be dishing on our fave new denim looks with you over bubbly and sweet treats.  Skinnies, overalls, or cutoffs – the choice is yours!



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