Glow by Valmont at The Spa at Vicerory Miami

My skincare regimen is undoubtedly the most important part of my beauty routine. Now that I’m in my late twenties, I’ve moved beyond over-the-counter creams and serums and think it’s important to start focusing on “preventative” products.

While some of my girlfriends are starting to dabble in botox and other injectables, that’s not for me. (Not to say that I wouldn’t go there later on in life. Never say never.) Recently, I was invited to The Spa at Viceroy Miami to experience a Renewing Facial and enjoyed a peaceful afternoon in the chic Philippe Stark designed spa. I love spa-ing, (is that a word?) but this was unlike any facial I’ve ever had. The magic happens when the Valmont Renewing Pack is applied. The luxe cream is applied in a thick layer to cover the face completely, which both hydrates and repairs.

You immediately feel a refreshing tingling sensation as the active ingredients oxygenate your skin and leave you looking fresh and glowing.  The Swiss company was founded back in 1905 as a prestigious health and wellness clinic, but over the years shifted its focus to the beauty industry, “to offer utmost anti-aging products with visible and long lasting efficacy.”  The science behind the products lie in active molecules – like DNA and native collagen – which aid in skin regeneration.

This was my first experience with Valmont products and it made me a firm believer in cellular skincare. Now I use my Valmont Prime Renewing Pack as a weekly face mask, or whenever I’m feeling dull or stressed. The at-home experience doesn’t compare to being at the Viceroy Spa, but the results will have everyone wondering if you were!

 Photos courtesy of Viceory Miami



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