Lashing Out: Why I Quit Mascara

While I openly admit I’m a total beauty junkie, mascara has always been my drug of choice. I just don’t feel “done” without it on. No mascara? Might as well not even bother with the rest of your face. Lush lashes instantly open up your eyes, can camouflage a long sleepless night, and even distract from a devastating pimple. My one issue with the rich black potion is that it takes precious time to apply just right so that your lashes don’t clump or look spidery. One swipe of the wand can be the difference between looking like a doe-eyed angel and a side show act.

Over the years I’ve perfected my technique and come across a few elite mascaras, (Benefit “They’re Real” being my reigning champ,) and I was happy, until I heard about Miami’s new lash extension guru at NailBar Midtown. My girlfriends were sporting lashes so real, they were envy inducing – long, full, perfectly curled, and sans mascara! So I obviously had to try it for myself.


The service takes about two hours while the lovely Maria (aka the Lash Guru) expertly adheres individual silk or fox lashes to each of your own lashes. She can create custom looks based on your needs, from extra-full to a sassy cat eye, or just-for-fun pops of color using rainbow hued lashes. I opted for a full cat eye look to offset my slightly droopy eyes. I’ve now been rocking the lashes for over a month and have been receiving non-stop compliments when wearing little to no makeup. Is this real life? Lashes 1 – Mascara 0.


Things to Know

  • A full set of glam lashes by Maria starts at $275.

  • Arrive to your appointment with freshly cleansed skin sans any makeup. If you wear contact lenses you should remove them before the application.

  • The service can take 90 minutes to two hours, during which you’ll be laying down with your eyes shut. It is very relaxing and I usually sleep throughout.

  • Your new lashes will shed along with your own, however they will not damage or cause yours to fall out or break.

  • If you wear a lot of eye makeup you’ll have to switch to oil-free products. Oil breaks down the adhesive and will significantly shorten the life span of the extensions.

  • Mascara is a no-no – but you won’t need it! You can use it on your bottom lashes.

  • Refills are recommended every two and a half to three weeks and run about $95.


If You Go

Call to book your appointment. Availability is limited so plan in advance if you have a special event or trip coming up.



3301 NE 1st Ave, Midtown 4

Miami, FL. 33137

(305) 514-0305


This post is sponsored by NailBar. All opinions are my own.

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