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Lyon is for Lovers (My Engagement Story)


When I spotted this Boohoo pullover with a bright blue capital B on it, I knew it would be the perfect thing to wear on our first day of vacation. Not only was it perfect because it would be my birthday, but Eric’s friends all affectionately call him “Big Blue.” The one thing that I wasn’t counting on was that it would also represent my birthday gift – (engagement) bling! Let me rewind…


En route to our European holiday, neither of us slept much on the overnight flight. We rallied rather than napping when we arrived in Lyon because we were so excited to be here. We took a walk from our hotel to historic Vieux (old) Lyon and came across this beautiful library sitting next to a church. (Pause for outfit photos.) Jetlag was starting to hit, but nothing that a few shots of espresso couldn’t fix. Our room at the Mercure Chateau Perrache conveniently had a Nespresso machine waiting for us which Eric didn’t hesitate to switch on.


Later that evening, he had planned a special birthday dinner at the most celebrated restaurant in Lyon. The three Michelin star Paul Bocuse is an institution for modern French cuisine. Chef Bocuse was awarded the “Chef of the Century” from the Culinary Institute of America in 2011 – one of only four chefs to ever receive such designation. Decadent is the only word I can use to describe that meal. Every bite was so flavorful and rich, it’s hard to pinpoint the one part of the five-courses which was my favorite. As Eric said, no meal after that will ever be the same. And while dinner was divine, we were growing more tired, struggling to stay awake while experiencing a meal few only dream of. Eric’s solution? More espresso. Two more to be exact. At this point I worried, because he rarely drinks coffee, but he was adamant that he needed to stay awake.

The only photo of us from that night. 2 October 2014

I didn’t have any coffee, (I swore it off earlier this year,) but I wouldn’t need any caffeine to keep me awake that night. We arrived back to the Mercure and, while half-asleep, walked up to our room. I didn’t hesitate to throw off my Louboutins and beeline to the bathroom to wash off my makeup. While going through my beauty routine, Eric insisted I help him “close the curtains” and called me into the bedroom. Sitting on the bed was a large Happy Birthday gift bag. He asked me to open my birthday gift, which was a surprise to me since I knew this trip was a gift in itself. As I peeked in the bag I saw a card, and a small jewelry satchel from Briana. Rather than open those two, I kept tearing through the tissue paper. When I got to the bottom of the bag I found a small white box. I immediately opened that box, and found a crimson and gold box inside. Could it be?! As soon as I opened the lid the brightest beam of light flashed me in the eyes as he dropped down on one knee. “Baby, will you marry me?” he asked. After hugs, kisses, and tears, I responded, “of course.”

The morning after. Our first breakfast as fiancées.





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