Change is Good


New year, new me!
Kidding. Well, kind of…

Between getting married in October, honeymooning, a family vacation
to Europe, and the holidays, 2016 arrived before I even had a chance to legally
change my last name. Consequently, this space has been a little quiet. (I know,
I know!)

The good news is I’m back, (with new hair,) and things around
here finally got a facelift. What do you think?

Now, about the hair. If you follow me on Instagram you saw me go from blushing
bride with long flowing locks to chic wifey with a lob back in November. I had
been itching to chop my hair for months before our wedding, so when our
nuptials came and went I was practically counting the days until my cut with
Carla at Emena Spa. Post-cut, I relished the
fact that I could both wash, dry and style my hair in under an hour. My
ponytails were shorter, but I could still rock sleek, tousled or curly styles. Life
with a lob was fabulous.

Fast forward to two weeks ago when my friends at Hairtalk extensions asked me if I wanted
to model for them at a huge beauty show called Front Row being hosted in Miami by none other than Oribe, and
I couldn’t say no. My love for Hairtalk
really knows no bounds. (Neither does my obsession with constantly changing my
hair.) While I had spent two months embracing the “short hair, don’t care” lifestyle,
the great thing about Hairtalk extensions is that they require zero commitment.
They’re a fun way to temporarily add length, volume and/or color to your hair
and can be removed in about 30 seconds. (I can even take them out myself at
home – no crazy tools, pliers or heat required.)


In under two hours, Master Educator Vicki Casciola took me from a layered lob,
to bangs, to long flowing locks with ashy blonde highlights without actually
cutting or dyeing my hair. Women are notoriously fearful of changing their
hair, but with Hairtalk extensions changing up your look is as easy as changing
your nail color. Seriously. I’ve had mani/pedis that take longer.

Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments

To find a Hairtalk
certified stylist in your area call
1 (800) 327-7971

Photos by Chris Ramos


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