Stripes & Gingham Pants


Golden hour; that beautiful time of day right before sunset when the sky starts turning pink and the sun bathes everything in a rich buttery hue. It’s the best time of day to shoot photos and somehow KarGar and I unintentionally keep meeting at this exact time. Last weekend we headed to Miami Beach so that she could shoot lifestyle photos for one of her clients. I tagged along for moral support, but really so she wouldn’t feel awkward while photographing random buildings and photogenic walls. The beach can be a little sketchy, after all.

Besides being uber talented behind the lens, (and a fellow Cuban,) I love KarGar because she’s hysterical, genuine, kind and ambitious. She’s passionate about her art and is vocal about her vision and goals. This year, we both decided to finally take the giant leap and go out on our own, trading employment for full-time girlboss status. Whether we’re discussing corporate tax structure, or more important things like KenGi (Kendall & Gigi, natch), I feel lucky to have a friend that is just as motivated to succeed as I am, and pushes me to be my best without being competitive. Remember: Girls compete with each other; women empower one another. As a female entrepreneur it’s essential to build your tribe with positive women who not only lift you up, but stick with you throughout your journey. This is key for both your sanity and your soul.

Speaking of Kendall… while I don’t sip the Kardashian kool-aid, I’ve had my eye on these Kendall + Kylie trousers since I saw Ken wearing them during a recent appearance and finally pulled the trigger. I’m a little obsessed with gingham this season, and have actually been on the hunt for shoes in the pattern. (Kinda love these. What do you think?) These pants aren’t for everyone, but I love that they sit high on the waist and have a chic oversized belt buckle. The high-waisted silhouette is one of my favorites because it adds height to my petite frame and accentuates my waist. I’ve had this striped crop top from Cameo for a while and it’s still in heavy rotation because it’s so versatile. It looks great teamed with a floral print, too.








What I wore

Top: Cameo Collective (Also here)

Pants: Kendall + Kylie (on sale!**)

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Clutch: Souvenir (similar here)

Sunglasses: Quay Australia

** 25% off with code friends until 4/17/16


Photos by @KGOhhSnap

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