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Living Room Update



One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is when am I going to share a home tour?! More than three years since we purchased this house, and I’m still not ready! I laugh… but it’s true.

What I’ve come to realize is that a home is always in flux; it’s a work in progress – at least for me – and I’ll probably never be ready. I do, however, feel like I’m finally at a place where I want to start sharing more, beyond what I already share day-to-day on Instagram Stories. If you follow me there, you can check out the evolution of our home from the past 3 years saved on the “Home” highlight on my profile.

Which brings me to this living room. A couple of weeks ago I decided to sell the green velvet barrel chair that I obsessed over for many months, and my IG fam exploded in disbelief. (This chair.) While I *loved* that chair, I realized I wanted to take a different direction with the design of the room and needed something softer and slightly more classic. I’m going for a more modern Parisian feel with soft pastels and luxe textures, and the bold emerald green and heavy metal was too dark and overwhelming. Enter this classic velvet swivel chair in a soft blue/grey, which I first spotted in the new living room of Sarah from Room for Tuesday(I recently started following her. If you love modern traditionalist design you’ll appreciate her beautifully designed home & diy posts… plus she has the two cutest pups!)

I’m so happy that I went with my gut and ordered this new chair. Aside from adding a more sophisticated feel to this corner of our living room, the swivel feature has been such a great addition – now we can actually sit in the chair to watch TV versus just staring at it. (I know everyone has a chair that they don’t actually sit in. LOL.)


Are you team green chair or are you loving this new style as much as I am?



Avedore Media Console
Black Floating Frame
Velvet Swivel Chair
Janelle End Table
Abstract Art Prints – Set of 4
Vintage Elephant Art Print
Abstract Art – Minimalist Loops

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