Life Update: No Filter


Life with no filter is still beautiful; sometimes you just have to change your lens.

I must confess that despite powering through the first two months of this pandemic with optimism (and even joy! This homebody thrives at home;) the last two months have been… dark? A rollercoaster is probably the best way to describe my emotions.

I know I’m not alone in my feelings, but the reality of being physically alone and away from my family, friends, and colleagues has affected me deeply. It’s hard to continue creating and sharing beautiful things with the world when you feel isolated and depleted. Harder still when the outside world feels like it’s at war. Like so many others, I’ve also had to pivot how I run my business. While much of that transition has been organic, other aspects (like producing my TV segments as a ‘one-man band’; aka serving as the talent, producer, lighting, sound tech, camera operator, director, editor, etc.) have been very challenging.


It’s been ten years since I started this blog, then Kelly’s Kloset.  It was 2010; I was fresh out of school at the University of Miami and I had just started a fashion PR internship at one of Miami’s premier public relations agencies. This blog was born as a creative outlet to share my love for fashion and beauty, but also as a pseudo-portfolio to share my writing while I pursued a career as a journalist. Blogging wasn’t “a thing” at the time. In fact, most people I knew didn’t even understand what it was. “Oh, that’s cute!” was the typical response when I explained.

Ten years later (!), I’ve accomplished things I had never even dreamed of at age 23, yet somehow I still feel unfulfilled… and if I’m honest, even unaccomplished. Typing that out makes me angry, because I know it’s untrue; it’s just that awful little voice that creeps in when you’re feeling low. You know that little voice. It’s the one that tells you that you’re not good enough, that no one needs you, and that you should just quit.

Note to self: Do not listen to that little voice. It’s a liar.

Despite the current darkness, I know I am healthy, loved, and have everything I need—including a wonderful and supportive community—and for that I am always grateful.

Please standby while I try my best to change my own lens, and refocus.


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