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    Fall-ing for Liquid Lipstick

    One way I like to transition my look for autumn is with makeup – and that includes lipstick! Come October, I swap my peach and pinks hues for deeper mauve and burgundy tones.
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    Currently Obsessed

    Neon Wedges
    Wicker Clutch
    Wicker Circle Bag
    Shell Headband
    Metal Trim Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    Bamboo Bag
    Acrylic Box Bag
    Danubia Sandal
    Maison Alma Bucket Bag
    Metallic Turban
    Elida Sandal
    Blush Minidress

    February Favorites

    The second month of the year brought a lot more than Valentine's Day candy and roses. Sharing my current favorites, including: why I'm throwing away all of my bras, a skin brightening facial, and a luxe fragrance experience fit for the Royals.
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    My Entrepreneur Story

    Blogger versus boss: Getting real about being a business owner.

    The creative side of my business is the part that I love to share with you: the outfits, fashion shows, perfectly styled photos, exciting parties and glam sessions; but back in my office there are a lot of "business" things that happen behind closed doors that are not so fun: contracts, pitching, paying bills, accounting, and taxes. Unfortunately those not-so-fun activities aren't optional. In fact, they're integral to my business.
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    Oversized Pink Sweater & Vinyl Pants

    A pop of pink is always a good idea, especially with with a pair of edgy leggings.
    Coral Gables
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    Home for the Holidays, 2017

    After five years of classic gold and ivory decor, I opted for a vibrant pink & red color palette for Christmas this year!
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    Woman by Ralph Lauren

    Kelly's Christmas Day 2 gift is Woman by Ralph Lauren for you and a friend!
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