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Triple Threat Necklace by Kelly Saks for Taudrey

Triple Threat Necklace by Kelly Saks

Inspired by my go-to layers of gold necklaces, I designed the Triple Threat Necklace in collaboration with Taudrey to make layering easy! The 3-in-1 piece (all of the chains are connected!) features three pre-layered 18k gold-filled chains and can be personalized with up to three hand-stamped letters.

Available for $98 at Taudrey.com

The Details

First layer
18k gold-filled medium-sized chain
Accented with 14k gold-filled “coin” pendant
Layer falls at approximately 14 inches


Second layer
18k gold-filled chain
Accented with small 14k gold-filled beads affixed with wiring
Additionally accented with handcrafted 14k gold-filled plate that can be hand stamped (vertically) with up to three letters in a specific font
Layer falls at approximately 16 inches

Third layer
18 gold-filled chain
Accented with 14k gold-filled medallion pendant detailed with clear stones
Layer falls at approximately 20 inches


Necklace length features three inches of adjustable chain at neck, allowing for styling at different lengths (most commonly styled at 14, 16 and 20 inches)


photo by Karla Garcia